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Product Safety

When your customers shop for toys, they can be confident that the Trap Door Magic® products have gone through appropriate  and stringent safety testing procedures.

BlackWire Marketing LLC partners with U.S. -based, third-party testing laboratories to meet all safety guidelines required by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC); and the ASTM F963-17 standards for children's products.

Parents and caregivers can trust us to create safe, high-quality toys and experiences for their children.

Look for the Trap Door Magic® logo – because we care about toy safety as much as you and your customers do.

For more information and Children's Product Certificate testing documenation, please contact us here.

Our Brand

Kids love magic! But learning to perform it is even more fun.  In fact, we believe it's good for them!

Magic is a great learning tool that inspires students to practice, use logic, learn math principles, memorize patterns, make presentations and experience the success of entertaining. It is great for building virtues like self-esteem, confidence, patience and good communication skills.

All Trap Door Magic® products from BlackWire Marketing include step-by-step video tutorials - taught by our own in-house magician and former school administrator. Complete with all props and secret gimmicks.



1292 High Street
Suite 219
Eugene Oregon 97401
(541) 321-6175

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